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Research: Using Scholarly Sources


What is a scholarly journal article…and how do I find one?


1. Watch this three-minute film to find out! The best part is the dog!


2. Now that you know the difference between peer-reviewed scholarly journals and popular journals, view this source to learn how to access the online databases in KPU’s library: How to Find Scholarly Articles


3. Now that you know how to find the appropriate database, view this two-minute  video to learn how to search for scholarly articles in an EBSCO database:

Research Hack: When you find an article you think you might use, you’ll notice on the abstract page a series of menu items. If you click on the menu item entitled “Cite,” you’ll find a list of citations for the article in various citation styles (APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.). Copy the citation in the style appropriate for your research paper. Start a new word document for your bibliography and paste the citation for each of your sources onto the document. When you’ve finished writing your paper, you’ll just need to alphabetize the list and correct the formatting and your bibliography will be complete!

Success Kid Approves

Success Kid Approves


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