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Your Open, Online Writing Textbook




After becoming frustrated with the rising cost of textbooks, James and I decided to explore the rapidly increasing number of writing textbooks available on The B.C. Open Textbook Project: The goal of this project is to provide flexible and affordable access to higher education resources in B.C. These texts will be available for selection by B.C. faculty, and digital versions of the texts will be free of charge to students. For those who prefer a printed copy, this format will also be available on demand for a low cost.

The B.C. Open Textbook Project defines as open textbook as “a textbook licensed under an open copyright license, and made available online to be freely used by students, teachers and members of the public. They are available for free as online versions, and as low-cost printed versions, should students opt for these.”

 After reviewing a number of the open writing textbooks, we decided to draw primarily on two:

However, because we thought it would be helpful to include other online educational resources (OER), we decided to use WordPress to create a content management site. With this CMS, we can gather all the best open online resources related to writing and grammar topics we will be studying. In other words, some topics may refer to material from one of the above books, some to both, and some will include links to other resources, such as Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) and the always entertaining Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips.

This textbook is evolving, so we will be adding to it throughout the semester. If you find a helpful (open) resource you would like to share (on a particular topic), please let us know, and we will be happy to include it!

The grammar and writing topics we’ll be covering are listed in the pages in the menu along the side of (and above) this home page.

Creative Commons supports free culture from music to education. Their licenses helped make this book available to you.


  1. meggoodine says:

    This is awesome Sheila and James! Good for you! And your students!

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